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Cairo Bank Branch

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*BREAKING NEWS* As of July 1, 2021, Mainstreet Bank has merged into Western National Bank.  All of Mainstreets locations are now Branches of Western National Bank.  Western National Bank welcomes Mainstreets employees, customers and friends.                                                             

Learn More about Mainstreet Bank, a Branch of Western National Bank

Main Street is often viewed as the heart of a community. Where people come together, where dreams are formed, and where plans are put into action. Main Street might change over time but its purpose remains: to inspire prosperity among its residents. Similarly, Mainstreet Bank was founded to help fuel people’s dreams. Firmly rooted in agriculture, Mainstreet is committed to combining traditional work ethic with a progressive spirit to remain a stable and reliable presence in the communities where we live and work. Independent and family owned for more than 100 years, Mainstreet Bank has evolved with each generation, serving with honesty and a genuine concern for our customers’ success.

Our steady growth is made possible by a dedicated team of financial service professionals empowered to lead our customers to success. They listen first, then equip each individual, family and business with the information and guidance needed to make financial decisions that put them on a direct path to their goals. We serve with integrity, kindness and respect. That is why we’re able to continue to grow our services and adopt new technologies that further support the immediate needs and long-term goals of our customers.

We believe that when our customers succeed it filters down to our communities, creating confidence and opportunities for economic growth. We see it as our responsibility to utilize our rich history and knowledge in financial services to help local businesses, farms and families remain successful. And by upholding these core beliefs, Mainstreet Bank will continue to give our communities greater hope for the future for generations to come.

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January 1, 2009 - Western National Bank purchases First National Bank of Summerfield, located in Summerfield, KS.  Purchase was from Farmers Bank of Cook. Western National Bank started out with $6 Million in Assets.

Summerfield Branch Building


January 1, 2014 - The State Bank of Chester, NE was purchased by the holding company and merged into Western National Bank. The Bank’s headquarters was moved to Chester and Summerfield became a branch.

Chester Branch Building


September 21, 2015 - Western National Bank built a full-service branch in Cairo, NE

Cairo Branch Building


July 1, 2017 -  Byron State Bank, located in Byron, NE was purchased by the holding company and merged into Western National Bank.

Byron Branch Building


December 23, 2020 - The Holding Company and the Western National Bank entered into a purchase agreement to merge Mainstreet Bank into Western National Bank.  The target merger date is July 1, 2021.


Our customer base remains founded in the local communities - Summerfield, KS, Cairo, Byron and Chester, NE as well as in Lincoln & Omaha, NE.  With the Mainstreet Bank addition, we will expand our communities to include Cook, Tecumseh, Syracuse, Louisville, Peru, Virginia and Wymore.  All communities are located in Nebraska.